NHS Equality & Diversity

Creating core values around diversity and equality

The NHS deal daily with many different people from a range of backgrounds, with a variety of needs. Staff working for the NHS in a customer facing role, need to set aside their personal views and opinions, so they do not affect how care is provided and their performance at work.

Due to the volume of patients staff treat on daily basis, the challenge is ensuring that each patient’s needs are addressed on every occasion. As one of the most high profile organisations with continuous publicity in the media, it is important that the NHS can demonstrate and show that all their staff adhere to and proactively promote the NHS equality and diversity standards.

Lotus HR were asked to reduce gaps in data collected against protected characteristics and evaluate whether the service meets the needs of people from each protected characteristic.

Due to the variety of staff working for the NHS and the amount of people they look after and treat on a day to day basis, equality and diversity needs to be embedded as part of their core training.

Lotus created an equality and diversity training module that reflected what was already captured in the NHS policies/procedures and standards. The module aimed to give staff the opportunity to question and relate to real life examples of discrimination in the work place.

This module was delivered to 300 NHS front-line staff over a six month period.

Staff now have a better understanding of legislation and are aware of their personal responsibilities towards managing diversity. The course helps identify benefits derived from valuing and managing diversity and it has enhanced individual skills and knowledge.

This course is now accessible to all staff and they are required to attend a yearly update. It has helped to drive equality improvements and strengthen accountability to service users.

Their understanding of equality and diversity ensures that all NHS work places are free from discrimination and staff feel they can develop their careers.I have used the services of Lotus HR for a number of years. I commissioned Lotus HR to deliver some Equality and Diversity workshops during October 2013. I was impressed with the manner in which my consultant Jenna Tasker, prepared, by coming along and observing the workshops and researching organisational needs. Lotus HR has since delivered a number of workshops which have received favourable feedback from delegates. Jenna has been reliable and often stepped in at short notice, her support has been a great help. On this basis I have continued to utilise Jenna’s services for workshop delivery.”

Denise McCausland DMT Training and HR.