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Reducing Absenteeism

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Reducing Absenteeism

Reducing absenteeism is a goal for all workplaces as large absentee numbers can affect productivity which is detrimental to the success of your business. We have a superb training course which will give you the knowledge and methods on how to absenteeism in the workplace.

Improving morale, productivity and commitment

Workplace absenteeism is costly and damages productivity and erodes profitability. Absenteeism impacts upon the organisation’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness and also disrupt operations. Even casual absenteeism costs employers billions of pounds a year – and that doesn’t take into account lost productivity or the demoralising impact on the workplace.

The Reducing Absenteeism Programme

  • What could you achieve with a little learning?
  • How reducing absenteeism enhances the bottom line
  • How to manage absenteeism to improve productivity and morale in your department
  • Which strategies, processes and actions will make the biggest impact
  • What constitutes best practice and how to integrate that into your daily operation
  • How to ensure absence management is a positive experience for all concerned
  • The confidence to tackle difficult issues and get positive outcomes

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How To Reduce Absenteeism in The Workplace

When you are responsible for managing staff but have had little experience of dealing with absenteeism, this programme will provide you with a range of tools and techniques for improving attendance and ways to reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

What will you discover?

  • How to recognise, manage and reduce absenteeism
  • Understand how to track and monitor absence with trend analysis
  • Understand the scale of the problem and causes
  • Strategies, processes and techniques to reduce workplace absence
  • Good practice models, action planning
  • The legal context
  • This programme is classroom-based using a combination of lectures, discussion, and case studies

For groups of 6-12 delegates.

It’s an investment of one day that provides both the process and the skills to maximise attendance. If you would like to find out more strategies to reduce absenteeism, contact us today to enrol on our training course.

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