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“Lotus HR helped us to navigate safely through a very time consuming and challenging situation.  As a small company we do not have our own full time HR and it was fantastic to receive such clear and objective advice.” Oliver Osmund, Director, Phoenix Training and Development

Staff Absence Management in London

Staff absence management is an excellent way to get on top of potential issues before they can become an actual problem. Ensuring that your staff are present at work is the very first step in ensuring productivity in a business, without staff work can begin to stockpile so it is important you have as much attendance as possible. At Lotus HR we have years of experience in all aspects of human resources so we can certainly help with employee absence management in your workplace.

Managing long term absences with discretion and compassion is very important for a business. Understanding that sometimes employees must have extended periods of time away from the workplace is part of good management. Lotus HR would be happy to help with this staff absence management issue and would be happy to work closely with clients to understand the individual needs of each case. Potential reasons why staff may require long periods away include:

  • Stress and mental health issues
  • Serious medical problems
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Bereavement leave

Ensuring that you have an appropriate system in place to handle these potential issues is important to making staff feel valued and comfortable to ask for this time.

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Managing Employee Absence in London

One of the main issues you will face when managing employee absence is discovering employees that are continuously absent without an appropriate reason. Ensuring that these problems are dealt with in a timely and effective manner whilst being sure to discipline employees effectively is one of the services we can provide for you at Lotus HR.

Our expert team bring over 25 years of human resources experience to the table and are dedicated to helping our clients however we can. We handle every client with discretion and with our personal touch. Our service is tailor-made to suit each client individually as we understand that no two problems will be the same.

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