Returning to work after lockdown

Return to Work Strategies

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Return To Work From Furlough in London

With lockdown easing, many workplaces are shifting towards normality as employees are set to return to work from furlough in London. It is important that companies put into place the right return to work strategies to ensure your workforce remains safe and protected. When drawing up return to work plans it is vital that you consider the requirements of your workforce that will be returning to your premises. Lotus HR can advise and support you here when organising the return to work during furlough.

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Returning To Work From Furlough in London

Returning to work from furlough does not have to be a difficult situation, so our specialists can provide you with expert guidance to ensure you have an effective plan in place. From setting out rotors for employees returning to work during furlough to making sure you have your workspace prepared to meet the COVID-19 regulations for workplaces in the UK. Communication is crucial when organising your staff’s return to work from furlough in London.

You will need to ensure the following is communicated with your employee, so they feel safe and comfortable on their return to work:

  • Make employees aware of the health & safety situation – This will ensure that the risk to your worker’s health is reduced
  • Provide reassurance to your people to let them know that they matter and that their health is the main priority on the return to work
  • Give your staff the opportunity to ask any questions and share their concerns – This way you can be clear on any worries that your employees have about returning to work following furlough
  • Be sensible and flexible with your approach – Some of your workforce may be more suited to working from home for the time being, so you should be open to new ways of working to help your employees to be productive as well as comfortable

If you require assistance with managing strategies for your employees return to work from furlough in London, contact us today to see how Lotus HR could help your business. Alternatively, fill out our contact form now and we will get in touch to discuss options available to you.

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