Managing Dismissals

Dismissal without the fallout
When staff fall short of their performance requirements it can be challenging for their manager to deal with.  When encouragement, performance goals and discipline fail to work, it’s time for a more drastic step – but dismissal can affect a whole department resulting in a drop in motivation and morale.  This programme explores how to handle dismissals professionally to minimise the impact on staff morale.
What could you achieve with a little learning?
  • Developing a plan and understanding the process of dismissing fairly
  • How to take a pro-active stand to prevent dismissals and discipline issues
  • The best approach to dismissal for the employer and the employee
  • Managing the balance between emotional, contractual and commercial issues
  • Confidence to handle dismissal cases effectively
Is this for you?
When you’re a front line manager firing a member of staff can be a difficult task.  In fact, even at senior management level it can be a sensitive subject.  If you want to develop a thorough understanding of the dismissal process and how to apply it (or to help your managers to apply it effectively) you’ll find this programme invaluable.
What will you discover?
  • What are grounds for dismissal
  • How the procedure works
  • Roles and responsibilities – the manager and the organisation
  • Handling problems effectively – when to coach, counsel or discipline
  • The legal aspects, employee rights and how to avoid tribunals
  • This programme is classroom-based using a combination of lectures, discussions and case studies
It’s an investment of one day that provides both the process and the skills to conduct dismissals professionally.
For groups of 6-12 delegates.