Managing Bullying and Harassment

A good working environment
Nobody wants to work in a situation where there is friction and when that involves one member of staff making others feel bad, it is difficult for everyone.  Identifying when a friendly banter crosses the line into bullying or harassment is difficult to pin down.  This programme will equip delegates with a range of skills that will help them to recognise, manage and deal with bulling and harassment issues.
The Managing Bullying and Harassment Programme
  • What could you achieve with a little learning
  • Know how to recognise when a problem is arising and what steps to take
  • Develop the skills needed to discuss difficult issues
  • Gain understanding of the legal requirements and the effect on employer and staff
  • Know how to manage potentially damaging situations to get a positive outcome
Is this for you?
If you are supervising or managing people you’ll need to develop these skills.  If you’re a member of the HR team you will need to have a thorough understanding of the issues around bullying and harassment and know how to mitigate against these situations arising.
What will you discover?
  • The difference between bullying and harassment
  • A clear understanding of your bulling and harassment policy and how to communicate this effectively
  • The practical techniques and approaches to manage these behaviours
  • The legal requirements and the impact of poor management of bullying and harassment situations
  • How to deal with allegations, complaints, the different grounds for these
  • Manage difficult situations confidently and effectively
  • Reviewing learning and action planning
  • This programme is classroom-based using a combination of lectures, discussion, and case studies
It’s an investment of one day that provides both the process and the skills that recognise, manage and deal with bullying and harassment.
For groups of 6-12 delegates.