Effective Recruitment

Getting the right people for your team
Many organisations end up with ‘nearly right’ employees who were just the best of the bunch at interview – and it’s not always necessary.  Developing an effective and efficient recruitment system ensures only really good matches get to interview and then lets candidates really show what they can do.  Result – round pegs in round holes!
Effective Recruitment
  • What could you achieve with a little learning?
  • Why are you recruiting?  A clear purpose makes it much easier to get clear focus
  • The information you need to review before starting the recruitment process
  • What you need to ensure your ad or agency brief ONLY gets good matches
  • Choosing when to use an application form or a CV to get better quality information
  • How to select the right candidates for interview
  • Legal issues relavent to recruitment and selection
Is this for you?
If you have a responsibility for recruitment either as a member of the HR team or a manager a sound structure and robust process will ensure you don’t waste time on interviewing unsuitable people – and recruit people who will stay with the organisation.
What will you discover?
  • The basic requirements for recruitment
  • Job descriptions, role profiles and person specifications
  • Creating a brief or job ad
  • Screening applications – application forms, CVs and covering letters
  • Reviewing learning and action planning
  • This programme is classroom-based using a combination of lectures, discussion, live exercises and role play in groups.
It’s an investment of one/two days* that will explore the recruitment process from end to end.
For groups of 6-12 delegates.
*The 2 day programme includes interviewing practice and the selection process.