Communicating with Impact

Making positive connections
Your communication skills need to be developed, honed and polished – and it’s an ongoing process.  Good communication is at the heart of every relationship throughout your organisation – and beyond.  The greater your awareness of how to communicate effectively, the better results you’ll get.
What could you achieve with a little learning?
  • Make better impressions and be clearly understood so your message is heard
  • Develop confidence and personal assurance to make a positive impact in any situation
  • Avoid misunderstandings, frustration and embarrassment
  • Discover how to avoid communication breakdown
  • Explore all aspects of communication – listening, questioning skills, assertiveness and body language
  • Communicating with impact includes influencing, negotiation, dealing with conflict and difficult people
Is this for you?
Whether you’re an individual who wants to be better understood or you are in a team that wants to be purposeful, focused and succinct when they communicate with others the Communicating with Impact programme will open the door to concise and clear communications that get results.
What will you discover?
  • The dynamics and elements of communication
  • Non-verbal communication in practice
  • The patterns behind human relationships
  • Dealing with assumptions
  • Working with differing points of view
  • Developing listening and responding skills
  • Active vs passive communication
  • Dealing with difficult communications
  • Communicate as a leader and high impact presentation
The learning experience
This programme is classroom-based and is interactive. There will be work in pairs, small group work, games, processes and exercises designed to stimulate, challenge and develop people’s knowledge and skills.
It’s an investment of one day that will help you to communicate effectively to get the results you want.
For groups of 6-12 delegates.