Appraisal Interviewing

The power of performance
When people don’t get feedback performance can suffer, whether that’s your best performers ‘going off the boil’ or poor performers continuing to fall short of the required standard.  A good appraisal system ensures that good performers excel and poor performers improve – sooner rather than later.
Nobody likes being judged and few people like sitting in judgment so developing good appraisal interviewing skills will turn a potentially painful experience into positive outcomes for everyone.
The Appraisal Interviewing programme
  • What could you achieve with a little learning?
  • How to prepare yourself for a successful appraisal meeting
  • The art of briefing people for appraisal so they can contribute constructively
  • How to praise sincerely and tackle difficult issues without getting personal
  • Interview techniques that focus on outcomes not on individuals
  • How to set performance goals together to get buy-in
  • Constructive appraisal meetings set the scene for improved performance
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and fewer requirements for applying the disciplinary process
Is this for you?
As a manager with a team you want to get the best from you’ll find the Appraisal Interviewing programme will help not only in the appraisal meeting, but in day-to-day management of people.
What will you discover?
  • The role of the appraiser
  • Preparing for a productive appraisal meeting
  • Structuring a meeting that benefits both parties
  • Good interviewing techniques
  • Tackling difficult issues
  • Setting performance goals
  • The learning experience
  • This programme is interactive using discussions, case studies and role play 
It’s an investment of one day that will help you to grow a team of achievers.
For groups of 6-12 delegates.