HR Outsourcing London

Pay-as-you-go or fixed fee HR packages

Our flexible packages are tailored to meet the unique human resource requirements of your business, whether you are a start-up company or have 50+ employees.


Benefits of HR Outsourcing

Our outsourced HR services have bottom-line performance at their core. We will:

  • Free up your time, to allow you to focus on what you do best
  • Ensure HR legal compliance to avoid costly errors
  • Implement HR best practice, to get the most from your teams
  • Enhance employee engagement, motivation and commitment
  • Be proactive, to grow your business from the inside out

We will provide a dedicated London-based HR specialist for your business. We offer a personal, professional service, and will visit you in person to make a free, no-obligation consultation.


What to expect?

HR Review

  • Establish your current HR needs
  • Identify necessary HR policy updates for legal compliance and best practice
  • Present this in a written HR strategy report

On-going Support and Training

  • Implement necessary HR policy changes
  • On-the-job coaching of managers on key employment matters
  • Monthly employment updates ensuring you continue to grow knowledge in house
  • Ad hoc HR advice when you need it throughout the year
  • Attendance at employment law seminars
  • Sign-posting to other services from which your business can benefit


Choose Your HR Outsourcing Package

Our packages act as a guide. Based on your initial free consultation, we will assess your requirements and recommend a solution that fits your HR, business and budgetary needs. Payment can be split over a number of months.

2 Days/Year

Recommended for businesses with 1-10 employees

5 Days/Year

Recommended for businesses with 10-20 employees

12 Days/Year

Recommended for businesses with 20-35 employees.

12+ Days/Year

Recommended for business with 35+ employees.

Pay As You Go

Many of our clients choose an outsourcing package, and top it up with additional days as required. 


A project-based approach may be the right option if you have a specific HR challenge. For more information, visit our HR Consultancy page.