Team Building

Creating and sustaining great team work is a skilful art. Every company we work with is searching for new and innovative approaches to make team relationships work more smoothly, be more rewarding, fun and ultimately achieving great bottom-line results. That’s where the TetraMap® approach to understanding our behaviour and those of our team colleagues nurtures an incisive appreciation of ‘why are we like that’; using differences inter-dependently to create synergy. Drawing on the four elements of nature, we design unique learning experiences to build highly productive teams.
The brochure, ‘Transform team performance;’ highlights the benefits of using TetraMap® as a resource to develop effective teams. Click here to see the brochure.
Quote ‘We undertook TetraMap® team development at Lotus HR, it was fascinating to come to the realisation ‘so that’s the reason I do that!’ we learnt about the personalities of our managers and colleagues and understood the reasons why they act and react a certain way, it has really improved our understanding of each other’ Lorraine Foster.

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